Welcome to Blue Max Liquors!

Fall is here...or at least it has felt that way the last few days. As the leaves change colors, so do many folks drinks. Lighter beers are replaced by heavier and darker ones. Vodkas and Gins get passed bye for Bourbons and darker spirits. Even the wine drinkers make a dramatic shift from whites to reds. Here at the Blue Max we are ready to help you make the transition in your drinks from summer to fall, or support you in bucking the trend completely. We do this because we believe in Rule#1-Drink what YOU like. Let us help you find it.

As alaways, we appreciate your business. Our intent is to have the website give general knowledge about our basic business practices. The site should also give out tasting schedules, new product announcements, projected future arrivals. We also will advertise our sale items here as well as lists of non-advertised sale items.

Facebook: This should be a little more conversational including new product arrivals as well as event notices. Here, you may also see some of our thoughts about various issues that effect us and our business. Feel free to chime in with your own 2 cents.

Twitter@bluemaxbeers: This is strictly being used for beer arrival announcements. Follow Jim the beer guy and you will know the very instant all of those limited and hard to get items are hitting the Blue Max!

Thank You,

The Pilney's and Staff