Winter Beer!!

Yes, you heard me right! Winter is coming...and with it, all the dark, malty, alcohol upped beers I've grown to know and love...and hopefully a new one or two to add to the list.  

Why I love Winter Beers,  By: Jim Sebring (dork).

The Holidays are a time of year when most people tend to forget about budgets, diets, and other mundane restrictions.  People are more likely to entertain guests, and visit places and establishments formerly unfamiliar to them.  People tend to be more adventurous with their meals and drinks.  People tend to buy "up" a shelf or two when shopping.  If I'm boring you with this Sociological effects of the Holidays as it relates to personal consumer lifestyle alterations lecture...I'll get to the point...I'm bored too.

Breweries know all of that.  Even if they don't know they know it, they know it..if you know what I mean?  So breweries and brewers put out their best effort for their winter beers.  This is the beer that they'll hang there hat on.  This is the beer that they use to advertise who/what they are.  This is the beer that they'll hope you try, enjoy, and then say:  " Wow! I really like this (insert beer name here) from (insert brewery name here)! I'm really glad my (insert relation here) bought this for (insert holiday here) and let me try it!  I'm going to head right up to the Blue Max and see what other beers this (insert brewery here) makes!"

Long story short-the best beers come out around this time of year.  So get you and your pup inside, pour you both a frothy one and enjoy the best the season has to offer you!




"Jim's Corner" is meant to be some of my musings of what I see around me, events that are relevant to us, and my thoughts and opinions about the beer world in general.  Disclaimer: Any thoughts, views, or opinions expressed by Jim are his and his alone and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blue Max, it's ownership, or recipients of the Blue Max Award for Aviation Excellence(Thank You Mr Red Barron).