The 2018 Fall Bourbon Raffle should start this Thursday. (Nov  29th)

The sign up list has been closed for some weeks now so if you are not on it, I'm sorry, but you've missed this years raffle.

A few points of interest:

1.  I will post all the winning #'s chosen first...then start the phone calls.

2.  I will try to update the list every day as bottles are removed from what's available.

3.  Feel free to "Pass" if you missed what you had your heart set on---someone else wins then!

4.  Please be prompt when making your choice. We want this to move fast for everyone.

5.  REMEMBER!!! This is a "Right to Buy" raffle...not free.  I know, that seems like common sense...but?

6.  I want you all to deal only with me: Jim.  I work Tues - Sat 9:30 to 5:30

7.  Good Luck to all!!




P.s. Remember, the above views are Jim's alone and do not represent those of Blue Max Liquors Inc.

P.p.s. Remember, Jim is very opinionated and he knows he is not the "Morality Police", but would take the job if elected to it.